Rates calculator

To help you get an idea of my rates, I've devised this clever little calculator. It is especially well suited to calculate a fair price for:

- Voice response systems
- Corporate videos
- Training- and instructional videos
- Most projects under 30 mins. in length.
- Most projects under EUR 250

However, prices quoted below are indicative only and do not constitute a binding quote.
Do not use the calculator for:

- TV-commercials, radio commercials (I will quote an all-in, buyout fee)
- Broadcast projects (such as documentaries - please contact me directly)
- Long projects (audio books, ongoing projects. For these I will calculate a fee per minute of edited audio or for the entire project)

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You can also simply enter the number of words in the field below, but you'll need to clear the text field.
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If your quote comes to over EUR 250, please email me for a realistic quote. This calculator isn't very refined and cannot take all situations into account.